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looking back all i did was look away
Title: he think just bc he spend a lil dough im gon fuck
Author: 108108
Rating: nc-17
Spoilers/Warnings: beginning of s5
Summary: ben/jack; entry for prompt#29, sacrifice at lost_in_108; selflessness is just another ego boost

Honestly, Ben didn't give up shit for him, but Jack kinda has to be thankful for the little prick. He figures that there's gotta be something to do for the guy who helped hold your head up to puke your fucking guts out while you were detoxing.

His addled brain, just escaping from the fog equates this to the time this slut in the 8th grade blew him for writing a report for her in bio. She probably did it because it really isn't that bad. Shit, Ben almost looks attractive, clawing at the cheap hotel curtains like he's trying to escape a monster biting at his feet.

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