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looking back all i did was look away
Title: this is not the title of my story (it is outside the parentheses)
Author: 108108
Rating: pg-13 for language
Spoilers/Warnings: none
Summary: Jake and the monster; entry for prompt#31, force at lost_in_108; what's a deal with the devil when you're already living the loser's side?

The first thing that you learn about manipulation is that force is not a part of the game.

Gentle persuasion enters into it, but never force. Force confuses people. It throws their tiny brains into an irreversible upset. They yank their wrists from your hands and trudge off towards the beach towards the man that seems more righteous 'cause he's got a white shirt on and a way with words.

Great. Jake's won another soul and you've won another white rock.

Let him turn his lips into his nasty little grin. The fucker'll get his 'cause you've got a master plan and enough patience to see it through.

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Heh. This was awesome. :D

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