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looking back all i did was look away
title: new jersey hurricane
author: 108108
rating: r for rude language
pairing: jacob/smoke monster
summary: game theory for demigods

It's a fucked up relationship you have with this guy. Jake wins a battle and you say he hasn't won the war, but he just laughs and kisses you just like the first time he ever claimed you. Centuries have gone by and the tables have turned since then, but you still feel like you belong to him. You still feel like a piece of property, even when you're desperately fucking that smug grin off his face.

The morning after, the two of you have reached the same old impasse. You end up sitting on the beach with him, watching another boat load of idiots sail in, ignorant to how they'll be used. You swear he does this because he likes it when you're angry, because that's the only time you'll fuck him.

"Why do you-?"

"-because you do." Jacob interrupts. You both know the mechanics of the game by heart. It's not even worth covering again.

"It always ends the same," you say for what feels like the millionth time. You're flustered and already ready to jump to the same zero-sum result that you will always eventually reach.

"It was meant to end the same." Jacob says smugly.

"You don't believe that."

Jacob smirks. He doesn't. You know for sure he doesn't, but it's not like you're discussing your opinions anymore. It's a game of contradictions that you and Jacob play at and Jacob always wins simply because he's still having fun. You know this and you can't help but to huff at the other man in frustration.

"I believe things will fall into their rightful places just like they always do, my friend." Jacob leans across the sand to give you a reassuring pat on the shoulder that you don't receive particularly well.

"That's absolute bullshit, my friend." You say, "Things don't just fall into place. You push the pieces in and hope the puzzle stays together long enough to fool someone int- What the hell is your problem?"

He's laughing, as usual, but by the time he pushes you down into the sand, the laughs have decrescendoed into a soft chuckle that tumbles into your mouth just before he kisses you. The way he kisses you is warm and familiar, but not in a way that's at all comforting. It's rough and it's what this bastard has convinced you that you deserve.

Jacob breaks the kiss after a long moment and stands, using your shoulder to help himself up. You wipe your mouth roughly out of spite and he just smirks at the action.

"Lighten up. Seriously. See ya later, alligator." Jake says.

"After awhile, crocodile."


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