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looking back all i did was look away
title: twizzlerfiending
pairings/characters: ana lucia

Ana Lucia didn't grow up in an unsafe neighborhood of L.A. by any means. Her mom always made enough to afford a mortgage on a little house in East L.A. She went to catholic school. She played the trumpet in marching band. She went to the prom. Finished school with decent marks and went straight into the academy where she finished with honors.

Around the station, some would say her mom is her ticket to making detective, but most would say she's earned it on her own.

The only thing she could think to say to the motherfucker who shot her when he idled, gun smoking, over her was, Why? She should scream, she should reach for her gun, but fuck, she's looking down at the blood pooling underneath her, just sobbing Why? Why? Why?

What the fuck else do you say?

Around the station, most would say she should be driving a desk or down in the evidence lockers for the remainder of her career. Most would say that she hasn't earned an easy ride, but her mother will probably see to it that she's sorting through evidence bags like she's nearing retirement.

Somehow, though, she's stuck on this shitty island after taking some shitty job from some scumbag and now she's choking on her own blood again. Yet again, she's pawing at a gunshot wound in her gut. This time, she doesn't even bother to ask why. It doesn't matter why Michael shot her. Probably to get back that brat of his.

Darkness starts to creep up into the corners of her vision. She tells herself with the last few seconds she's got that she doesn't care why. Ana Lucia cheated death once because she didn't want heartbreak to be the last feeling she ever felt, so she forces herself to feel the lesser evil of ambivalence and lets the darkness envelop her completely.


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