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looking back all i did was look away
pairing/character(s): man in black/ofc?

The island swallows him up in one gulp. When he comes to, he's lying in the stream before the cave again and Jacob is gone. He lifts his head and there is a woman stands before him, smiling wide.

There are jewels set into her cherub-like face and the light that floods from the source reflects from them one by one until it joins into one singular glow. She lifts a finger to her lips and the foliage around her shivers before setting into an eerie stillness. The hiss that advises not to speak is ironically loud in the silence the strange stretch of jungle that houses the source provides.

The man without a name ignores the command and whispers "mother" and the creature shakes its head "no".

"Come, my little Minos. Into the labyrinth," she says softly. He complies, taking the hand she stretches out to him. He's sure why she gives him this name, but he follows as she leads him back into the light filled cave, her illuminated face growing brighter with each step. She looks back at him as they slowly descend into the light and he can see the sunspots that are her dark eyes flick down to his lips.

When he finally kisses her, there are no harps. No flood of dopamine to his brain. No mass firing of nerves or shivers up his spine. He simply is again, but better. Different. He feels nothing but intense heat. It feels like eating the sun.

"You will be everlasting and ever-changing. Temporary as smoke."

The heat rolls his blood to a thick boil until he dissipates like water into steam. He sheds himself like a snake shedding its skin and he sees his corpse float downstream. He emerges from the cave under his new identity, knocking his brother from his feet as he soars into the jungle.

Mother tells them entering the source is a fate worse than death, but he's finally rewarded with the title his real mother never had the bravery to give him: monster.


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